Animal Rescue Fundraising Idea

Animal Rescue Fundraising: Partner for Donations

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An Easy Animal Rescue Fundraising Idea Using Amazon

I am happy to run one-week partnerships with animal rescue organizations in the U.S. to help them offer creative giving options to their online or newsletter audience.

For the agreed upon timeframe, I typically donate $1 for each sale of the selected coloring books, journals or notebooks. Examples of the coloring books are available under my Pink Crayon Coloring pen name and a selection of pug-themed books are below.

Animal Rescue Fundraising Idea

Other animal- and breed-themed coloring books, journals and notebooks are available under other pen names.

How Does This Animal Rescue Fundraising Work?

Here are the steps to working together to raise pet rescue donations.

  1. The non-profit (501c3) submits the interest form (link below.)
  2. If we’re a good fit, I reply with a few suggested books for their audience (usually a pet- or breed-specific coloring book or journal) and offer a potential time frame.
  3. We agree on dates, books and donation details. I send social media graphics, text and links to make the promotion easy.
  4. The non-profit shares the deal with their engaged social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or newsletter audience.
  5. All customers order and receive their books through Amazon directly. Neither the non-profit nor I have any role in shipping, fulfillment or returns.
  6. At the end of the sales period, I donate $1 for every book sold. Participating non-profits can often also earn towards their Amazon Smile or Affiliate account, too.

The larger and more engaged your audience, the more likely you will generate higher pet rescue donations.

I’m so happy to give back in any small way to these animal rescue organizations and volunteers that work so hard to find forever homes for these pets!

Interested in a fundraiser for your animal rescue 501(c)3 non-profit?

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