Partner Spotlight: OIT Works

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Sales of Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Apparel Earns Donations All Year Long

I am thrilled to continue my long-term partnership with OITWorks again in 2020.

I donate $5 to OITWorks for each OIT-themed t-shirt or other apparel sold here on Amazon.

OITWorks, Inc. is a non-profit providing funding for educational resources related to private practice oral-immunotherapy.

What is OIT? Visit OITWorks to learn more.

Why I Support OIT Works

In 2014, I somehow stumbled upon the OIT Facebook groups created by OITWorks founder Liseetsa Mann. She’d already shepherded her own child through oral immunotherapy and she’s been giving back for more than a decade to help educate more parents of children with food allergies to understand more of their treatment options, beyond the standard “prescription” of avoidance.

Based in no small part upon Liseetsa’s public education effort as well as her outreach to physicians, my daughter graduated from peanut oral immunotherapy before the age of 6. Much thanks to both Liseetsa Mann’s OITWorks and the dedication of Chestnut Hill Allergy and Asthma’s Dr. Manav Segal and his excellent nursing and administrative team.

With this promotion, I can give back a little more to this organization that has made such a difference in my own child’s and family’s lives!

Any purchases and donations are much appreciated!

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